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Oregon Life: 3 Great Portland Museums

A great city is incomplete without a museum. Luckily, Portland has quite a few different museums for people to check out. Whether you’re looking to explore history, delve into science, or experience art in all of its forms, Portland has museums for every taste and interest. Change Realty has put together a list of three of Portland’s most important museums to check out. They are must-go attractions in the city, so make sure to stop by when you have some time on your hands.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Image of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry from the Willamette Rive

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in all of it’s glory.

With science in mind, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, or OMSI has loads of educational exhibitions for people of all ages. The museum promotes a hands-on experience, with interactive exhibits, games, and displays. These exhibits range from of a variety of scientific topics, from cell biology, outer space, dinosaurs, or cell biology. Museum labs are also showcased throughout the museum, for an in-depth experience with chemistry, animals, and insects. According to one source, the museum also features an Omnimax theater, planetarium and motion simulator amongst its general labs and displays. Best of all, the museum has a strong focus on promoting eco-friendly solutions, sustainability, and environmental protection. It is definitely a worthwhile trip for minds of all ages.

Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum Front Facade - Oregon

A view of the facade of the Portland Art Museum.

The Portland Art Museum was founded in 1892, when the city was still largely budding into American prominence. It is the oldest museum in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the oldest in the country. It is renowned for its extensive permanent collection, holding the same original artworks it did during its early years. The museum showcases rare artworks, restored artworks that are thousands of years old, and even contemporary masterpieces. According to the museum’s website, various classic American artworks are curated by the museum including the works of Gilbert Stuart, Charles Codman, Harrison Bird Brown, Fitz Henry Lane, Frederic Edwin Church, Albert Bierstadt, and Winslow Homer, among others.

Oregon Historical Society Museum

Oregon Historical Society Museum Blue Banner

The Oregon Historical Society Museum is a true treasure.

Unique to Oregon, the Oregon Historical Society Museum showcases the history of the state, its pioneers, and its Native American tribes. Walking you throughout Oregon’s entire history, the “Oregon My Oregon” exhibit walks you through the state’s history before and after the first settlers. This includes 50 different exhibits that take you through the first native American camps, to the Oregon Trail, the Great Depression, up until the present. It houses a whopping 85,000+ artifacts, books, photos, and memorabilia that is pertinent to the city and state’s history. Best of all it is located right across the street from the Portland Art Museum, facilitating a double museum visit.

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