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Portland’s Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods

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Portland’s Top 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods by Change Realty

It’s no secret: Portland is no longer a secret. Over the past several years, more and more people have been flocking to Portland for its mellow lives, vibrant culture, and its overall livability. With this surge of new residents, real estate prices in Portland have started to go up and up so much so that Portland is now rated as one of the best cities for luxury real estate. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t intend to invest in luxury real estate anytime soon, don’t that put you off. As more and more apartments go up, the rise in the cost of living is starting to slow down. In many ways Portland is still just as affordable as it was years ago. Here’s a look at the top 10 most affordable neighborhoods according to Zumper.com, as measured by the price of monthly rent for a single bedroom apartment.

Foster-Powell – $910

Historically home to a large portion of Portland’s Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, Foster Powell has seen a large influx of new Portland residents in the past several years.

Cully – $950

Cully is a culturally diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community evident not only in the strong sense of neighborhood involvement in addressing crime and traffic, but also in the Rigler Community Garden.

Sylvan Highlands – $1,020

Sylvan Highlands is a neighborhood of narrow streets, stunning views, and ample trees. A bit more secluded than from the rest of, the neighborhood borders right on Forest Park which is home to a number of walking and biking trails.

Brooklyn – $1,050

Just like New York City’s Brooklyn, Portland’s Brooklyn is home to a number of hip coffee shops, pubs, and otherwise hip locales. Unlike New York City’s Brooklyn, it’s actually affordable.

Vernon – $1,080

One of the best parts of Vernon is Alberta Park, which in addition to having an off-leash dog park, also has a small trails loop.

Reed – $1,080

Although many of the homes in Reed are upscale, there are a number of more affordable accommodations. Given that the neighborhood is home to Reed College, there’s no shortage of coffee, dining, and drinking options.

Woodstock – $1,090

Woodstock is home to a number houses and buildings that have been around for years, with some even dating back to the 1800s. Woostock Park and the feeling of history are some of its biggest draws.

Creston-Kenilworth – $1,090

Similarly to Woodstock, Creston-Kenilworth is one of Portland’s older neighborhoods. A number of historic commercial buildings can be found in this residential area.

South Tabor – $1,100

Soth Tabor is located just of Mt. Tabor, which get its name from a nearby volcano. Don’t worry: the volcano has long been instinct. Ranches, cottages, and bungalows make up the majority of homes here. It’s a great family neighborhood.

Hayhurst – $1,100

Larger lots, gorgeous vistas, and a wide variety of homes make up the majority of this suburban community. Between the parks, the space, and the ice cream, Hayhurst is another great family neighborhood.

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